Ultra Thin Stretch Films
Made With Recycled Material
Plastic Tax Exempt

The Re-Wrap concept was created following a request from one of our customers, and what resulted was a product which we decided to launch and offer to all of our customers.

The Request was simply..."Can you supply thin film, such as 8 or 10 micron  which contains at least 30% recycled material?"

Not long after Re-Wrap was born

Produced in Lite, Plus or Super branded rolls, it's a cost effective way to switch your Pallet Wrap from traditional or pre-stretch films to a product which offers:

higher performance

reduced plastic waste

uses recycled material

plastic tax exemption

reduced cardboard waste

With roll lengths up to 525m, the rolls weigh no more than a regular hand pallet wrap roll, so you have almost double the length of a traditional film, halving the amount of cardboard required in cores & cartons.

And with it being produced to a 200% stretch grade (rather than the traditional 150%) you also get at least 30% more stretch, meaning 30% more pallets wrapped

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